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if yes, then this article is for you, and In this article I will explain how you can take your marketing strategy to next level and I will be covering about Fundamental of Marketing, Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing,CATT Marketing Funnel, Integrated Digital Marketing and Personal Branding.

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Fundamental of Marketing:

In fundamental of marketing we will be covering basics of marketing and also will be coveringMarketing.

Marketing: It is Systematically(Regularly & Consistently) communicating (Take your product or service info to the market,make them hear about your product or service through Emails,calls,Video etc) your Value(Explain the impact that your product or service can create on their lives) to people who can buy it(This is your market,people who can afford and sees the value in your product or service).

It is based on science not on creativity,marketing is not about advertising, selling your product or services,Marketing is also about keeping an existing customers happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customers for life and Marketing is also about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing is a game of perceptions product is rooted in reality,never let marketing become more important than the product.A great product sells itself,A great product converts your customers in to brand ambassadors. Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing.

In the above section we discussed about basics of marketing now we will be discussing about marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy:A good marketing strategy helps you define your vision,misison and business goals.

In Marketing 4P’s are very important: Product,Price,Placement & Promotion.


This represents an item or service designed to satisfy customer needs and wants. To effectively market a product or service, it’s important to identify what differentiates it from competing products or services. It’s also important to determine that other products or services can be marketed in conjunction with it.


The sale price of the product reflects what consumers are willing to pay for it. Marketing professionals need to consider the costs related to research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution – otherwise known as cost-based pricing. Pricing based primarily on consumers perceived quality or value is known as Value based price.


The product type is important to consider when determining areas of distribution. Basic consumer products, such as paper goods, often are readily available in many stores. Premium consumer products, however typically are available only in select stores. Another consideration is whether to place a product in a physical store, online, or both.


Joint marketing campaigns also called as a promotional mix. Activities might include advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. A key consideration should be for the budget assigned to the marketing mix. Marketing professionals carefully construct a message that often incorporates details from the other three Ps when trying to reach their target audience. Determination of the best mediums to communicate the message and decisions about the frequency of the communication also are important.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing:

Lets talk about traditional marketing vs digital marketing.Step by Step will be covering about What is traditional marketing?Digital Marketing? and differences.

Traditional Marketing: Traditional marketing relies on offline strategies, including direct sales, direct mail (postcards, brochures, letters, fliers), tradeshows, print advertising (magazines, newspapers, coupon books, billboards), referral (also known as word-of-mouth marketing), radio, and television. In most cases, the goal of traditional marketing is to create brand awareness.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Some marketing experts consider digital marketing to be an entirely new endeavor that requires a new way of approaching customers and new ways of understanding how customers behave compared to traditional marketing.

Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing:

Traditional Marketing:

The promotion of product and services through TV, Telephone, Banner, Broadcast, Door to Door, Sponsorship etc.Traditional Marketing is not cost effective.It is not so good for Brand building.Traditional Marketing is difficult to Measure.Traditional Marketing includes..T.V.advertisement,Radio,Banner Ads,Broadcast,Sponsorship,print Ads.

Digital Marketing:

The promotion of product and sevices through digital media or electronic medium like seo, sem, ppc etc.It is efficient and fast for brand building. Digital Marketing is easy to Measure with the help of analytics tools. Digital Marketing includes Search engine optimization (SEO),Pay-per-click advertising (PPC),Web design,Content marketing,Social media marketing,Email marketing.

The CATT Marketing Funnel:

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Lets talk about CATT: CATT is Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction. Every one of us can create wealth if we follow some simple steps.

formulae of CATT

wealth = n^CATT ;Where n=niche

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Niche[n]: what is niche ? Niche is a Category where your success & wealth depends on niche you choose for example Health and Fitness, Digital Marketing,Sports,Artist,Software etc.

Content[C]: Content is the subjects or topics covered in the form of video, audio,image, books,live webinar,lead magnets etc.. is called content.Create a useful content that attracts people from your niche.

Attention[A]: Now drive attention (traffic)to your content using SEO,Social Media,Paid ads,Referrals.

Trust[T]: Start building trust with your audience with trip wires, Marketing automation & retargeting.

Transaction[T]: Now convert your leads in to customer with natural sales method.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

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Integrated digital marketing is a Combination of digital marketing tools where some tools are paids ,with the combination of tools can do good marketing. Most of the people fail in digital marketing sales For example they do content marketing at one side but they forgot about email marketing on other side.

Here i try to explain you in simple manner about how you can sell using integrated Digital Marketing.

Content is the king yes you heard it correct,If your content is good post on social media,in social media you get audience and they like your content and they will be engage,with Paid ads(Google ads, Facebook ads)target your audience invite them for free content from there you get their email id list,when you do SEO marketing you will be ranking on search engine from there also you can provide free content and customer gives there email id, from email id list you can send them request for product or services in text,video format they start purchasing your products.

Personal Brand:

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what is personal brand? Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes. People want to hear from people not from brands.A personal brand becomes an influencer & brand ambassador for the companies that they run.

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Learn:Learn new skill through concept,Facts & procedures Understand the concepts remember the facts and practice the procedure.learning process will never end up keep learning.

Work: Put your new found skill to work go from practice to implementation. learning and implementation will give you success.

Blog: write about you have learned & experienced through your work,when you write you understand better,writting will improve your skill.

Consult: Start consulting other business instead of working for them.

Mentor: StartMentoring others who want to become like you.It helps you scale your understanding to whole new level.

Startup: Start your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market the problem & your own skill.


Marketing starts with understanding the customer and customer need.Good product can be sell itself.Good Marketing is all about good communication skills.

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“Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets.” — Betsy Holden


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